Solutions for Corporates

We provide optimized solutions for all corporates that wish to efficiently manage their waste. Usually we begin our process with a waste audit of the entire waste stream. This allows us to assess the average quantity and primary components of the waste generated. Post the audit, we recommend technologies such as a compost pit, tumblers or an OWC system. A biogas plant is advised if the waste quantity is large enough and if the client has such a preference. Having agreed upon a technology, we install the system as well as run it regularly. We also collect the dry waste and send it to our established recycling centers. We take pride in one of our prime projects with Bank of Baroda and Nabard. The former produces 500 kg of waste a day and the latter produces 150 kg a day. The dry waste produced is sent to our established recycling centers. Both these institutions installed a biogas plant to generate biogas out of their wet waste, that they use in their canteen for cooking. There are some corporates that we only collect the dry waste for. One of the prominent examples include Buyer house in Hiranandani, Thane. We have been collecting their dry waste since 2016. This dry waste is sent to our established network of recyclers.

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